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The WHOI Multibeam Bathymetry Data Archive Web Site is no longer in service. If you are interested in obtaining multibeam bathymetry data from WHOI ships, please try the following web sites:

«Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R)» is the archive for underway data (including multibeam bathymetry) from US research vessels.

NOAA's «National Geophysical Data Center» is the US national archive for multibeam bathymetric data collected from US research and government survey vessels.

If you have any questions about the multibeam systems or data on WHOI ships, please feel free to contact me via «email». I continue to oversee and retain all WHOI multibeam bathymetry data, from 1996 to present day. I also maintain a small library of software tools for dealing with multibeam data, which may be downloaded «here».

Peter Lemmond, March 2011